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#Telecoms2020 Week – A City of York Perspective

What will Telecoms 2020 look like? A City of York Perspective #Telecoms2020   City of York Council faces a challenge to exploit and further develop the world-class connectivity which is currently enjoyed in and around our historic City. Our forward-thinking approach to York’s telecommunications has seen the development of the UK’s fastest network through the ‘UltraFibreOptic’ Sky / TalkTalk Joint Venture, which delivers astounding gigabit speeds over a pure fibre network directly to York premises. By 2020, we will see this ultrafast network covering the entire city. We are proud… Read more #Telecoms2020 Week – A City of York Perspective

Code York !

Hello everyone Its not been too long since I last updated you all but I can never resist sharing team success when I get word of it! Recently as the heavens opened up outside, local children from all over York took to their keyboards and learnt to code inside York’s inspiring Explore Centre@YorkExplore I dropped in around midway through the day and I was not disappointed! Nearly 100 enthusiastic digital natives (more then had booked interestingly enough) were trying Scratch, the visual language, and building games such as pong, a poetry generator… Read more Code York !