Getting your “Pipe Work” sorted…

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It’s fair to say that we have seen some huge improvements in the UK’s connectivity landscape through numerous initiatives and interim technologies improving.

Things can’t, and won’t, stand still though.

It’s fast becoming time we make the next logical leap to a connection layer that will provide ubiquitous high speed, agility, and a reliability to help sustain our continued economic growth and development across our cities, towns, urban and rural areas.

Having access to cutting edge communications infrastructure has now moved from desirable to essential. A view supported by the Government’s Industrial Strategy making improving UK’s infrastructure a central part of their thinking.

Local governments have an important role to help make this happen and can act as an anchor tenant.

It was great to be given the opportunity to be part of the recent Northern Powerhouse event and share York’s position and experience of being a well connected city – and pleased to state that ours was a balanced panel.

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Full fibre is faster, resilient, secure, agile, economically viable and future-proof!

It’s the difference that makes a difference.

Providing the quality of experience that residential and commercial consumers now expect and rely on.

We are experiencing and enjoying the benefits of widespread fibre in York and its enablement of a significantly enhancement offer in both our fixed and wireless connectivity layer.

But don’t take my word for it, look what some others have being saying about York:

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We’ll now be looking to secure the next round of innovation and investment that is required to further expand and future proof our connectivity landscape with York and beyond.

We’re also looking to secure a technology delivery partner who can achieve the outputs required from our, and others, Smart City/Town and Regions strategies.

Roy Grant – Head of ICT – @grant_roy


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