#CodeYork Update

Summer is here again! (However there’s a strong chance you could be reading this in the middle of a few feet of snow – it’s been one of those years!)

So in my last blog I spoke about our successful #CodeTrain event which was wonderfully received by every child that attended. In that blog I said “In addition there’s a lot that’s been happening and that is coming soon (that will all come in a future blog)”. Well this is THAT blog!

We at Digital York Towers believe in being really open about what it is we’re doing whether it is a new exciting code club, a new holiday event or world domination (aim big or go home!) and as we are now in a very crucial phase of the #CodeYork programme, I wanted to share with you our roadmap so you can join us on this exciting journey.

So without further ado, this is what the rest of 2016 looks like – courtesy of the award winning Digital York Team!

Next month we have some exciting events in the pipeline for York’s youngsters! Working with Children’s University, who do wonderful work to inspire and encourage children to take up extra curricular activities, we will be running a special evening event right here in West Offices! This event will be on the evening of the 14th June and can be booked via the Children’s University website (it will be going live very soon as of the time of writing!). In addition we will be making an appearance as an extra special treat at their wonderful graduation ceremony for children who have achieved the necessary amount of stamps required throughout the year. We believe in closely working with local partners in the interest of education and encouraging take up of extra curricular education and I’d like to thank Children’s University for allowing us the opportunity to be involved with their event and special day!

In June we will also be wrapping up plans for a further 2 #CodeYork school clubs to launch. They will be in place in the new academic year and include York High School and The Mount School. We are very exciting about working with The Mount School as, being an all girl school, they will be very important in our efforts to increase the numbers of girls studying STEM subjects and working in STEM industries. In addition, we will be offering a primary school code club, a secondary #CodeYork club, adult classes and special volunteering opportunities for students aiming to gain their Duke of Edinburgh awards!

From mid-June through summer, we will be working with York Explore and Code Club UK to offer children a special code club every Saturday to help children pick up coding skills, sharpen their knowledge and move onto the next level! Following this in September we will be running an exciting monthly CoderDojo in York city centre for families to learn code and work on exciting projects together! This will be once a month for a couple of hours and is designed to help parents not only understand what it is their children are learning, but enable them to engage in a fun family activity together.

In late September/early October we are currently in the planning phase of a major event in York where we aim over potentially 2 days, to offer every girl between Years 6-9 the chance to partake in fun coding activities and games, as well as hear from prominent people in STEM industries! We have already had significant buy in from local schools and we look forward to working with them and partners to deliver an exciting event which has an incredibly important point to make. In addition to the poor numbers of people with coding knowledge and skills, there is an even poorer number of women with that knowledge, which can be seen in the numbers of women studying STEM at university, or working in STEM industries. It was quite telling in a recent blind test by GitHub that more people thought the best coding was done by females then males. It’s this quality that we are missing out on for many reasons and its why this imbalance needs to change.

Following that event, we go full steam ahead into another exciting event which presently is hush hush but I can reveal if it pulls off, will involve prominent local partners, and will involve a fun hackathon for children…

In addition to all of that:

·        A total of 6 schools will have code clubs or #CodeYork clubs – helping us move closed to our target of every York school having a club that teaches code by 2019!

·        We will have secured more volunteers from the community to help teach children and adults to code – while building up their own self esteem, personal development and confidence!

I’d like to thank you all again for your help and support whether it was bringing your child to an event, attending our classes, funding our programme or just sharing its existence with family and friends – your support has pushed us to this stage where we can look to implement a UK first long term code programme to battle a long term problem and to ensure anyone, anywhere in York has the chance to learn these essential skills.

Thank you for reading, for your support and I look forward to sharing with you how this year pans out, as it happens.


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