Early year reflection

Hello everyone,

Its been awhile, too long in fact, but here’s my first blog of the year so its a quick reflective piece that I’ll act as a platform for future comms.

After a year that turned into a real success story for our team, I believe we are already showing signs of matching if not surpassing last year with our blend of work packages, that in simple terms, could be considered as the ‘visible front end’ and ‘under the bonnet’ work that is also often referred to as going on ‘behind the scenes’. Both are equally important and cannot exist in isolation of one another.

As our recent staff session demonstrated, the #CodeYork, replacement CRM/Transactional platform ,YOT projects, our thinking and R&D work around mobile desk top and our work with the rapidly expanding Ebor Academy show strong promise and the opportunity in being game changers, not just in York, but further afield.

ICT Staff Sessions

Since my last blog, the telecoms industry and delivery of superfast broadband has received plenty of public attention and column inches, and I was delighted to see Sharon White, Chief Executive and Iqbal Marikkar, Head of Chief Executive’s Office Ofcom visit York to witness the Ultra Fibre Optic programme up close. And during their visit, they witnessed the micro trenching technology that’s being used in York , which a less intrusive method of cutting a fine network of trenching and ducting to deploy the pure fibre-optic cabling direct to residential and business premises.


Micro trenching has never been used on such a large scale rollout on this side of the pond before, giving York yet another UK first in the digital arena, and was why Stuart Partington (one of our Planners who makes this stuff happen in our compact city) and myself , recently had two visitors from a tech utility company all the way from New Zealand to see what they could learn and possible take back to become part of their rebuild programme following the big earthquake a few years ago.

I would like to end this blog by thanking everyone in CYC ICT and our colleagues for their hard work, determination and possibility thinking since the turn of the year.

Until the next time


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