Code York !

Hello everyone

Its not been too long since I last updated you all but I can never resist sharing team success when I get word of it!

Recently as the heavens opened up outside, local children from all over York took to their keyboards and learnt to code inside York’s inspiring Explore Centre@YorkExplore

I dropped in around midway through the day and I was not disappointed! Nearly 100 enthusiastic digital natives (more then had booked interestingly enough) were trying Scratch, the visual language, and building games such as pong, a poetry generator and other such programmes with help and instruction from Code Club, York learning and our very own James Knowles ( JK ).

Credit to those who then helped the team out further by building a digital day around this with external assistance to run a session around Raspberry PI, Simon Donnelly and Tom Thornton demonstrating the exciting possibilities around 3D printing and how if applied correctly, we can have your own glow-in-the-dark ‘creeper’ (others seemed to understand what that was anyway!) and of course the local app developer, Anthony from The Distance and his wonderful talk about the app industry and how to get into it.

One big event like that would be enough for most teams but we like a challenge in ICT, and the following Tuesday, 2 more code sessions were held at Millthorpe School who had supported the big holiday session with regards to promotion and assistance on the day. The session was a tremendous success with it split in 2 due to both the amount in attendance and the range of skills on display, so our younger coding stars could learn scratch and python, whilst the older ones could turn their hand some pretty advanced stuff, C#!

Following that session, another was held for adults who wanted to learn and understand Coding a lot more. This session was not only organised by us, but was ran by us too! I’d like to thank and congratulate JK and also Jack Thorpe on a wonderful session which early feedback suggests was very in depth and very helpful to all in attendance! It’s not easy to go from teaching children to adults but he bridged that gap seamlessly. My thanks also goes to the Code Club organisation and Linda who represents Yorkshire within that, for their help and support in helping to organise and run the individual code sessions for the kids.

I’d like to also congratulate and thank our Digital City team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get these events off the ground. I look forward to seeing more code opportunities in the near future as our ambition is to establish a code club in every school within the City ( thanks Joe and Lindsay ) and is something that we can all get behind and make happen.

If you’d like to learn more about the #CodeYork movement and code clubs please contact Lindsay at We need volunteers to help achieve our great City wide ambition aim, so if you or someone you know might be interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Lindsay who has written a fantastic blog about the events in more depth which can be found here. Code Club are looking for volunteers also for their primary school code clubs. If you can help, please check out this link for further information and to sign up for those specific clubs.

As mentioned before, our JK has been doing this in schools and he has written a superb blog about his experiences which you can see here. In addition if you know of any business or organisations who might have an interest in assisting this project to grow, I urge you to share the above email address with them. When we as a team and as a community work together, great things can happen as we shown many times over the years.

Until next time,


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