Code Club – My 1st Year

It seems a long time ago now, when my colleague, Tom asked me to help him out running a trial coding club at a local York primary school alongside our employer, City of York Council. It was a great success and led me to decide to carry on, this time with the support of


CodeClub are an amazing organisation who are dedicated to getting programming taught in every primary school in the country; there are over 21,000, so it’s quite a big task!

I decided ( rather selfishly ) to base the club at my children’s school and began in January 2015. Once a week I spent an hour at the school teaching a small class of 10-11 year olds how to make computer games using Scratch, a visual programming language that makes it easy for people to learn the principles of programming.


In only a couple of weeks, the children had grasped the basics and already had some amazing games under way. It was great to see how much enthusiasm and creativity they had and I was constantly surprised by their ideas and ways of tackling complex logic problems. I also quickly developed a healthy respect for teachers in general.  Although the club only ran for one hour a week, I was exhausted by the end; I’ve not idea how teachers manage a full day!

Having the opportunity to share my passion for programming and hopefully spark an interest in computer science in some of the children is incredibly satisfying and I would encourage any programmers out there to get involved.


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