Google comes to the Digital City

Hello everyone

Gigabit City update

I’m sure many of you have been keeping up with the excellent UFO launch (or should that be landing?) which has been snowballing in recent weeks. From the railway station, to the press and funky free key rings, it’s been great to see our citizens take to this new initiative! I know I have mentioned to you all previously in my blogs and tweets, but don’t forget you have the opportunity to sign up and vote for where this rollout goes to next.

I cannot praise this initiative enough! At a time where cities like Leeds and Manchester are struggling to guarantee superfast broadband in their city centres, being able to rollout gigabit fibre throughout the outer ring road is a fantastic achievement for the city.

A One final point on this… last week TalkTalk, who are part of the joint venture with Sky and CityFibre, announced their pricing for residents for the Gigabit City product. I understand it to be the same price as the current broadband packages they offer which sounds terrific value to say you’re leaping from 38mbps to nearly 1000mbps!

City Centre WiFi

Another fantastic news story has emerged from the city connect service as June saw its busiest weekend since inception! We are now also seeing university students take to this fantastic free service on campus, while it’s evident that Museum Street is our most popular location for logging in to the WiFi!

It’s great to see this is fast becoming part of the fabric of York and I look forward to sharing more information on this service as it continues to grow.

Google in York

Those of you who looked up to the skies may have missed the news that last week Google came to York.

The very search engine that many of us use on a regular basis dropped into Middleton’s Hotel to give an excellent workshop on how our varied and many small businesses can promote themselves further and grow via improved online presence. Credit for this goes to the Digital City team who pulled off a tremendous coup in bringing this to York and for creating such an informative and useful event. Indeed, I have seen the feedback from attendees and it sounds extremely positive, so well done team. My thanks also go to the business community for attending and supporting the event. The attendance was very good and the online buzz on twitter helped raise a lot of awareness for the event and for what we do which can never be a bad thing!

Final point

I’d like to end by welcoming Rob McNally to ICT. Rob joins us in early August and will add further value, energies & possibility thinking to the Digital City team, supporting our cause to ensure that York has the best developed digital connectivity landscape (or 4th utility) in the UK, if not Europe, well before the end of the decade (as can be found on the pop up banner in the entrance area in West Offices).

Thanks for reading and keep up the excellent work!

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