Stay connected as you travel

Hello again everybody,

As some of you may be aware, last week was the Municipal Journal Awards 2015 for Local Gov’s in which we were nominated for the UK Digital City of the Year Award.

Whilst we did not win this award in the end, to be nominated and held up as a major example to other cities by our mere nomination is a rewarding accolade in itself. The road of rejuvenating York is long and perhaps this may have come too soon for us, but I am confident that we are not too far from adding to our trophy on the mantelpiece soon enough.

I find after disappointment like the above, the best way to dust oneself off, is usually with some great news and today I get to share just that with you all.

Last year, you may recall the Super Connected Cities Programme Team were very heavily involved with securing funding for Wi-Fi on York’s buses. Naturally we were thrilled to assist with helping our many bus operators access this type of technology to make commuters lives much better. During this time we were able to secure Wi-Fi on less than half of First’s bus fleet which we regarded and still regard to be a big success.

Well today, I received word that we truly set the ball rolling with First – they have now extended the free Wi-Fi offering to ALL 106 buses in their fleet! Soon commuters will be able to board a bus and perform necessary activities on their mobile devices (like read all of our wonderful blogs) while riding to work, or to the shops! It is activities like the provision of Wi-Fi on buses and in the city centre that help create people centric digital cities. I do believe that thanks to the past couple of years we are on the cusp of doing just that.

I’d like to thank everyone involved for helping to increase our city’s digital provision further, as well as help everyone who has helped us as a team move forward in leaps and bounds.

As way of saying thanks, here is the link to our MJ Award video – I hope you enjoy it!

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