Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No – It’s a UFO!! (Or Ultra Fibre Optic in other words!)

Very recently, the City Fibre/Sky/TalkTalk joint venture had a successful low key launch ahead of what should be one of the most exciting years in York’s recent digital history. If you haven’t had chance, please do have a look at the new website –

Soon, local York residents will be accessing broadband speeds that only a few years ago were unimaginable in London, New York or Tokyo let alone little York! This is testament to this team’s hard work over the past few years to secure such a big coup for the city. And imagine the possibilities with the perfect infrastructure like the type that the joint venture are putting in place around the city. Faster video and large media file uploading and downloading is inevitably the first thought most people have, however infrastructure of this type and scale becomes so much more, it becomes a super enabler for communities, creative professionals and the technologically savvy to improve not only their own, but all lives within the city.

I am sure we will see developments within the next few years that will demonstrate this and reinforce the benefits this type of infrastructure offers us as a community.

Digital York


Friendly-WiFi-logo-LargeA big news story over the past week relates to our wonderful City Centre WiFi network.

Last month our City Centre WiFi was awarded Child Friendly WiFi status which is very important for a family friendly tourist city like ourselves. Well it has become apparent that our WiFi is the worlds first public Child Friendly WiFi. When you consider how important this type of connectivity is in our daily lives, and how important online safety is these days, such a status is quite breathtaking and only reinforces York’s growing reputation in the digital technology world!

This news would be enough for many of us to be content but what has quickly followed was some news this past week about our Eduroam facility which is an offering to academics using our city’s WiFi. CityConnect has enabled academics to access the Eduroam portal in both the city and campus. In the last 2 months we have seen 1,700,000 authentications to the Eduroam portal from our WiFi service, figures that even I was not expecting. It is great to see students and educators taking to the new service warmly and I look forward to seeing the usage figures growing steadily as more and more residents and visitors take advantage of the superb offering in our city.

Connection Vouchers for SME’sYork Connection Voucher Scheme

York Connection Voucher Scheme that provides our SME’s to leapfrog up the connection speed ladder has expanded. The York team are now  processing and administrating the extended scheme for Harrogate , Selby and a large chunk of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


One of our in-house development projects, Membersphere is a webapp built  for councillors to effectively communicate, share documents, facilitate collaboration and find out key (on occasions confidential) information.

Successfully launched last month to coincide with the recent elections, the product has been developed and built with a view to launching it on the wider marketplace where I have no doubt it will be received warmly, and I’m confident that we’ll be sharing more of their successful exploits with you all in the very near future.

The last few years have been unprecedented for what we have achieved together for the city, residents and communities and I look forward to sharing more of our great work soon.

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